Volunteer Clearance Information

Volunteer Clearance Information

Procedures and Clearances

UPDATED: 9/28/18 (updated information in ORANGE)

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in our Quakertown Community Schools. We value your involvement and participation in our programs and trips. We recognize that volunteers can make valuable contributions to the school district, and we encourage the use of volunteers subject to the requirements of applicable law and QCSD Policy 916.

For the safety of our students, QCSD Policy 916 holds certain requirements for volunteers. Volunteers serve in a vital role for which we are grateful of our day-to-day programming. Depending on the situation, volunteers require certain documentation.

The Quakertown Community School District will continue to abide by federal and state law. If laws change requiring policy changes, the Human Resources Department will notify all stakeholders. The Quakertown Community School District reserves the right to go above and beyond what federal and state law requires, ensuring the safety of all students and staff.

How can I become involved in and participate in school programs, events, or activities as a community member?

QCSD recoginizes three different categories for individuals to become involved in and participate in school programs, events, or activities:

  1. Community Volunteers
  2. Community Volunteer Coaches
  3. Visitors

Definitions of each of these categories can be found within Board Policy 916.

Who needs clearances?

All volunteers are required to obtain clearances. A volunteer is an unpaid idividual who:

  1. has been given responsibility for the care, supervision, guidance or control of children; and,
  2. who is intended to or known to have regular and repeated contact with children that is integral to the indiviual's responsibilities.

Individuals who meet the above-referenced definition of a volunteer are required to obtain clearances.

When do I need to get my clearances?

  • All volunteers are required to obtain clearances prior to volunteering.
  • Continuing volunteers need to renew clearances once every 5 years (except TB test - unless possible exposure).
  • A volunteer has the affirmative obligation to notify the QCSD Human Resources Manager if they are arrested or convicted of a crime after clearances have been initially submitted.

What clearances do I need to complete in order to volunteer?

  • Act 34: State Police Clearance
    • Not more than 1 year old
    • Free for volunteers (online registration)

      *Make sure that you click on "Certification Form" to open the clearance

  • Act 114: FBI Federal Criminal History Report
    • Not more than 1 year old
    • Online registration through IdentoGo. Please use Service Code 1KG6Y3 for volunteers.
    • This is a two-step process: (1) Register and pay online, and schedule your fingerprinting appointment. Print the registration receipt with the UEID (Universal Enrollment Identification) number; (2) Visit a fingerprinting site to have your fingerprints submitted electronically.
      • Please note that we do not automatically receive your results of your FBI fingerprinting. Your unofficial results will be mailed to you from IdentoGo.
  • REVISED 9/28/18: New for 18/19: Tuberculosis (TB) test results - ONLY IF VOLUNTEERING FOR TEN (10) OR MORE HOURS PER WEEK.
    • TB testing is required for Volunteers who will have direct contact with children ten (10) or more hours per week.
      • Should you require a TB test,
        • It must not be more than three (3) months old prior to volunteering.
        • It is not required yearly. Once completed, the TB test is valid for as long as you continue to volunteer (unless you suspect posible exposure).
        • Most health insurance companies cover this cost, however, if you need assistance, we have partnered with St. Luke's to provide this test for our volunteers at only $10.00 (paid by the volunteer). Please contact any of our school offices for details, or to pick up a voucher which can be used at any of these St. Luke's locations.
  • Volunteer/TB Test Affirmation - Please print, sign, and upload with your application in the app-garden. *This form must be completed by all volunteers.

Child Abuse Awareness and Reporting Training:

How do I submit my clearances How do I submit my clearances?

New! Effective 2018/2019 school year: Paper copies of clearances will no longer be collected at the buildings. We have implemented a new, web-based volunteer system to better serve our volunteers as well as help us meet federal and state requirements. The new volunteer management system is called App-GardenVolunteer Tracker which you can access from any computer, anywhere.

  • All volunteers both new and previously cleared must create an account and submit a volunteer application in the app-garden.
    • If you have been previously cleared as a volunteer and your clearances are less than 5 years old you do not need to upload your clearances with your application. You will simply create an application with the app-garden, and upload theVolunteer/TB Test Affirmation.
    • New volunteers must upload all clearances as well as the Volunteer/TB Test Affirmation in order to be cleared to begin volunteering.

*Unfortunately the district will not be able to provide you with copies of your previously submitted clearances.

Once you have obtained all of your clearances and have your TB Test results (if applicable) please use the link below to create an account and submit an application and clearances to the app-garden.

Important: When creating your account in app-garden, please chose an email address that you check frequently, as all communication regarding volunteering will be through the app-garden system.

LINK to app-garden - Volunteer Tracker

*app-garden support: 1-800-425-0720

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department at 215-529-2001. If you are having technical trouble using the app-garden please contact 1-800-425-0720 for assistance.

Child Protective Services Law - Reporting Obligations

  • Who is a mandated reporter: All employees of the District including contractors and individuals paid/unpaid who accept responsibility for a child.
  • Mandated reporters are required by law to report in good faith any suspected child abuse under any/all circumstances. It is our stance that it is always better to over report. Individuals filing a report in good faith are immune from any civil or criminal liability.
  • A mandated reporter who fails to report is liable and can be charged with an offense ranging from a misdemeanor of the second degree to a felony of the third degree.

Reporting procedure - Must file a report with the Department of Public Welfare and District Office. When filing a report with District administration please contact an administrator in one of the following departments: Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Pupil Services. When filing with the Department of Public Welfare please use the ChildLine toll-free hotline - 1-800-932-0313.

Please note - notifying your supervisor and/or a District Administrator only, does not comply with the law, you must contact the Department of Public Welfare.

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